6 Things You Need To Consider Before Choosing Best Wedding Themes

6 Things You Need To Consider Before Choosing Best Wedding Themes

After hearing the answer “YES” to the typical engagement proposal question ‘Will you marry me?’couples becomes excited to make plans for the much awaited ‘Wedding day’.Both sides are anticipating for the big event which will open a new chapter on their lives.

Before identifying the perfect color for your strapless bridesmaid dresses, you need to consider first your best bet wedding theme. Popular themes include classic, vintage, bohemian, woodland, retro, beach, garden, rustic, shabby chic, and industrial. Deciding on a specific theme is very important in order to have an organized plan on other details. If the theme is already fixed, the design for invitation letters will also be identified.

Here are the essential elements you need to consider before the best wedding theme becomes clear to you:



This pertains to the actual location of where the wedding ceremony will be held. Couples usually choose a place which has a sentimental value for them. For example, it is the church where they usually attend the mass. It might also be on the beach where the engagement proposal happened. Other places may be in a European city, American city, tropics, or a wine country. Whatever venue is preferred;the wedding theme must be anchored into it.


This is a necessary element which appeals to the interest of the people who will take part on the special occasion. If the couple is a fan of vintage stuff, the theme will obviously fall into something “vintage”. The colors are expected to not as bright as yellow. If the invited guests are part of the elite class, they will totally like such idea.


Being part of the modern era doesn’t mean that the vintage theme is already out of the choices. There are still who want to incorporate such idea on their wedding. Most celebrities even choose vintage to go away from the usual wedding.


This will be mostly applicable to young couples. Nowadays, engaged people are influenced by the current and popular trend. They pick those themes which are featured on the television or magazines. This 2017, the hit wedding themes are floral, rustic, seaside, and garden-inspired.

Wedding Dress

Some people choose to buy first a wedding dress, then they’ll pick the wedding theme and location. If you’re exactly like this, then you need take into account the aesthetic and elements of the dress. Is it whimsical and delicate?

If that’s the case, that’s you may ask suggestion from Bridesmaids Only, one of the trusted suppliers of bridesmaid dresses in Australia. Their style consultant won’t hesitate to help find the perfect style that suits you.


Only few ventured into unique wedding themes. If a typical couple would want to include pastel colors on the wedding, there will also be a pair who might choose an entire “black”. If both the man and woman are part of a band, they won’t hesitate to have such wedding theme.


The chosen theme must also reflect the couple’s personality. For example, choosing a traditional or classic wedding will tell something about simplicity. There are person who prefer to keep everything simple instead of being too sophisticated.

These factors will help you hone in on your most-awaited day, which best reflects you and your fiancé’s personalities.

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