8 Ways To Save For Your Wedding

8 Ways To Save For Your Wedding

Admit it or not, it’s costly to tie the knot. Be that as it may, you can still reduce the cost without sacrificing too much. Take a little closer on the following practical ways on how you can save for your wedding:

Cut the timeline of the wedding planning

To streamline your wedding, it’s much better if you will not wait anymore more than one year. According to Alan Fields, the popular coauthor of the book Bridal Bargains: Secrets to Throwing A Fantastic Wedding on a Realistic Budget, recently couples have been sparing money because of they opt for last-minute wedding. With shorter span of time, this will keep you from being too meticulous on every detail.

Buy from a sample sale.

Do a legwork. Know the dates of popular annular sales where you can grab at least a $1,500 for just $200 mermaid or off the shoulder bridesmaid dresses. By doing so, you can save up to 70% on headpieces, gowns, shoes and veils through sample sale. Find the touring lists of your fave wedding designers from their online shop.

Slash reception fees.

To start with, limit only the number of guest who must attend the wedding. It will reduce your catering costs as well as save on invitations and centerpieces. In addition to that, hold your reception and ceremony in one area. This will slash travel time for the vendors. Don’t take Saturday wedding. And above all, go for bigger tables as they require few tablecloths and centerpiece.

Save smartly from the cost of flowers.

Who says that you can’t use the beauty of foliage? It’s a more cost-efficient way and can add more texture and size to arrangements. Aside from that, you can also suggest your florist to utilize plastic containers rather than glass. They are available in different sizes, colors, and shapes. Rest easy that your guests won’t notice it.

Opt for small cakes

Meanwhile, you can also enjoy a wonderfully decorated cake, which you can display for cutting and then have another one inside the kitchen to be serve to your guests.

Inexpensive videographer and photographer will do.

Most photographers offer package on an hourly basis. If you want to purchase more affordable package, make your own candid pictures. Allow your guests add-up on your album with your wonderful photos.

On the other hand, you may also consider getting a photography-school student. Be sure to check their portfolio beforehand. This can definitely cut your bill in half.

Use the talents of the bridal friends and family.

Make this moment another fun shared moment. From your God-given talents, make something you can create yourself and save more money. For instance, you can make your own program and invitation to add the personal touch. Perhaps, you can also make your own favors. Homemade edibles are the best favors for weddings.

Be merciless in terms of head count.

A good tip in forming your guest list – remove your coworkers and children. Creating cuts categorically will probably cause gaps. For couples, invite fiancés, spouses, and live-ins only. If possible, keep the number limited on the wedding party. It doesn’t just mean that you need to spend too much money for bouquets, presents and transportation. It can also mean that you want a private and intimate wedding.

Say yes to less expensive yet gorgeous wedding dress.

You can also save from your wedding dress. The best trick here is purchase a white dress which is not marketed as a wedding dress. Whether you’re searching for a classic or traditional dress, you can look at a shop which offers bridesmaid dresses in Brisbane like Bridesmaids Only, which comes in white.

As a conclusion, know your wedding priorities so you can save without sacrificing your dream wedding.

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