Design Your Perfect Dress

Design Your Perfect Dress

Custom made clothing is not just for the A-list celebrities, neither is it a luxury that cannot be attained. Our grandmothers were used to handmade clothing; they were either home stitched, bought from the local seamstress or from a department store.

There are online stores that have now made it easy to access custom made clothes and made them affordable thanks to technology. For instance company based in Toronto allows the customer to design their own dress, choose their own fabric and they can even show you how to design your dress and get access to dress making tools.

You can design your own evening gown or summer dress and the dress will be made for you. For those who are not conventionally shaped, it is a great treat to have clothes that fit since it is hard to get them anywhere especially high street stores. You can replace the vintage fabric with wools or silks since they have classic shapes and can flatter most figures.

Made to measure companies also offer services such as adjustments in case there is something that you need adjusted on your clothing, for instance, if you need an extra seam allowance, you can let out the seams. In case you add a few pounds, the issue can easily be solved. All you have to do is to have custom made clothing designed for you. You can have items such as jumpsuits and column dresses made- to –measure.

Most high street clothes are made using stretchy fabric and they do not fit properly. Getting a dress tailored is not an option that most people think of at first. Before you visit a seamstress, ask to see photos of previous work they have done before. You can also talk to some of their past clients, so as to enable you get a feel of the tailor’s work and know their capabilities.

Before you design your dress, especially evening dresses, find out what works for you. Look at well dressed people who have a body type like yours and copy their look. This will enable you to know what works for you especially, if you are not a fashionista. You can also bring your shoes so as to be able to judge the correct hem length. For those who wear watches, the tailor can cut the hem to either conceal or reveal it.

The happiest shopper is the one who is prepared. Check out fashion magazines or online sources for ideas and if possible take pictures with you. You can also take a sample garment; you can sew it up very quickly with fabric that is similar weight.  Ask the dressmaker if they will charge you separately for the patterns. Give the tailor enough time to work on the outfit. You should go for at least two dress fittings before the dress is finalized. A good tailor will make sure that everything fits perfectly.

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