Dress-up & Mess-up: Kids Fashion Blunders

Dress-up & Mess-up: Kids Fashion Blunders

How many times has this happened to you with your little ones? You shop for weeks for that perfect outfit for a special occasion be it a wedding, birthday, holiday or family event.You drag your little one from store to store hunting for that adorable outfit. He’s dragging his heels and refuses to go on to the next store.
You need to bribe him with some ice cream to get to the next store. Finally you get his nod of approval on the outfit of his choice and you happily check “shop for outfit” off your to do list.

Wait, it’s not over yet….next, you’re off to buying dress shoes. You get that little eye roll and he says, “not another pair of shoes, why can’t I wear my sneakers?” Another little bribe will get him to try on a few pairs of shoes. And….bingo, it’s your lucky day, you find a pair that fits perfectly and matches the outfit. Yes! You say to yourself and cross “shop for shoes” off your to do list.

And the finale, a hair cut before the big day of honor. Now he’s looking so dapper and even stopped complaining about the hair itching the back of his neck by the time you got home.

Let’s not forget your daughter…After shopping at 5 stores and not finding anything to her liking, at the next store she picks out what looks like a disney princess dress and shoes to match. You’re thinking, “No way, she’s not wearing that Halloween costume.” You have to talk her out of the Cinderella and Bell from Beauty style dress and matching shoes.

Let’s hear it for fashion independence. I mean is she 6 or 16? You can’t stop thinking in the back of you mind, “What’s she going to be like as a teen?” Finally you both agree on an appropriate dress…Ok, you let her pick the color as long as it doesn’t have sequins.

Then she insists on getting her hair and nails done. You’re thinking, “where does she get this?” Then you remember the last time your got your hair and nails done…like mother like daughter.

Finally the big day arrives. Minutes before the big event when the photographer is ready to take that adorable family photo you hear an “uh oh…sorry, mommy.”

Your shoulders go stiff. You turn around to find your little one staring up at you with those sad puppy eyes. Then comes the sly little grin as he or she looks down at….a huge stain smack on the front of that outfit you spent weeks searching for. In one second, every mom’s biggest enemy sets in: ketchup, chocolate, raspberry juice…

So what’s a mom to do? What would you do in this situation?

What are your best tips in cleaning stains on the spot? I keep baby wipes at hand and that seems to do the trick. Some mom’s swear by stain remover sticks and keep them in their purse. I know other mom’s buy white clothes so they can easily be cleaned with a bit of bleach and hot water.

Any other tips to keeping children’s clothes clean before a big event? An obvious one is to keep food away fromkids before the big event and photos begin. Dress them in the party clothes right before the photos. Once the party gets started you can always let them change into more comfy clothes.

Or, a pricey option is to bring a second shirt or dress just in case there is an accident.

Another option, just grin and bear it….I mean kids can be kids and most likely you’ll laugh while sharing this story with your grandchildren when they’re older!
What are your favorite dress-up mess-up stories? What did you do?


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