Footwear Trends – Fall 2016

Footwear Trends – Fall 2016

As the new fall and winter seasons are approaching, we want to refresh our wardrobe and reinvent our everyday outfit with some super-stylish pair of shoes. This fall we will be enjoying in some super- stylish straight-from-the-runway shoe trends. Shoes are that kind of a fashionable staple where fashion designers like to express their creativity the most. This fall, they have unquestionably dazzled us with some very inspiring ideas and innovations. From over-the-top platform boots to mix-media wooden heels, from romantic velvet to extravagant animal-print, there is a shoe to suit everybody’s taste. A nice fashionable pair of shoes have incredible power to make anyone feel unique and this season’s bold design with all those fantastic embellishments will sweep you off your feet and make you feel super-powerful. Get ready for the most intriguing upcoming trends that are coming this fall.

Velvet beauty

Probably the biggest look of this season is romantic and charming velvet footwear. The designers all across the globe came up with a brilliant idea how to incorporate plush in various shoes, from ballerinas to boots which are mostly in green, burgundy, black and navy hues. Jenny Packman, Valentino and Jason Wu all used this sumptuous and luxurious velvet in the form of minimalist sandals, sleek flats, and all types of boots. It instantly elevates any outfit.


Golden and metallic look is this season’s huge fashion trend that will give a kick to your everyday style. Unlike last year when designers focused on more shiny, pure silver metallic, this year they opted for more subtle and rougher style. Golden is very frequent in Chanel collection, and Christian Louboutin combined a snakeskin and metallic on pumps creating a futuristic but highly elegant effect.

Pointy pumps

A pointy toe has made a dramatic comeback in heels, boots booties and other stylish shoe trends this fall. Although, round square toe shape is still predominant in 2016, these pointy pumps add to more chic look and are definitely a top trend especially in the collection of Alexander Wang and Emillio Pucci. One small downside is that it can be a bit painful for your feet, but it’s surely worth it.

Embellished creations

Marabou trimmings, sequels, ruffles, frills, various effective prints and patterns in multitude of colors adorn the footwear on the runways all around the world. Notable standouts included Burberry with its fantastic patchwork style, Roberto Cavalli with outstanding zebra prints, Ralph Lauren with his baroque brocade and many more. Another distinguished feature is a statement, chunky, sculptured or wooden heel that brings sparkle to almost any ensemble.

Shoes with buckled straps

If you are a fan of gladiator shoes, you will most certainly be impressed with new, much-loved strappy heels. The straps are multified, very thin and usually adorned with buttons and combined with playful patterns or reptile skin texture. They are perfect for a sexy, evening look while creating a serious style at the same time. Marc Jacobs showcased some lovely black and grey pieces.

Square heels

An appealing trend that was noticed on most fashion collections is definitely a square heel. It’s simple and unique, but most of all comfortable and easy-to-wear. Square heels can be easily matched with both casual and elegant style and many designers experimented and played while creating this style, from the Boss who masters in square design to Anna Suis extraordinary boots.

Shoes inspired by menswear

The masculine creations prevail not only in clothing fashion but they are also a top shoe upcoming trend. This year a menswear flat takes on a new life with some dainty details such as more shine and lace on the top. It’s a great take on classic and it has been upgraded with a small platform creating a more feminine and youthful look. What’s more, they are very practical, especially during chillier, rainy days.

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