Get A Perfect Figure For Your Designer Clothes

Get A Perfect Figure For Your Designer Clothes

Are you ashamed of your body figure? Do you wish to look slim and beautiful in the designer clothes? If the answer is yes, then it is possible through shape wears. Shape wears are the tight fitted garments that hide the body fat. Shape wears temporarily alter your body’s shape and give you the desired figure. Shape wears are different for different dresses.

Types of shape wears

There are shape wears available for different body parts. You can use the coupons for Zivame to buy different shape wears for your dress.


These are also called slimming panties. They support the lower abdomen and the butt. They also lift the buttocks. They are good for tight fitted jeans and skirts because they are smooth and do not show any panty line.

Full body shape wears:

As the name implies it is used to shape the whole body. It covers most of the parts of the body. It starts from the bust till the knees. It lifts up the buttock and flattens the stomach. It gives them the necessary curves and can be worn under long gowns.

Waist clinchers:

Waist clinchers are the shape wears that enhance the features of the waist line. It gives an hourglass like figure and enhances the waist. It is like a wide belt that is wrapped around the waist to support the back and smooth out the tummy.

Body suits:

Body suits make the clothes fit better. It is effective for the overall slimming and shaping of the body. The breasts are curved, tummy is flattened, and hips are highlighted. Body suits can be worn under any dress. They are available in different designs. If you are short on your budget then avail the facilities of Clovia discount offers.


It is like a normal tank top but it is worn under the dress. It is usually suitable for the dress which is fitted at the top and flared at the bottom. It specially smoothens the upper body and the tummy. It is more comfortable to wear.

Shaping shorts:

Shaping shorts are the mid thigh shapers that can be worn under skinny jeans and slim fitting skirts. They smoothens the thighs and lift the buttocks. There are people who are worried because the thighs are not in proper shape as compared to the rest of the leg. Shaping shorts are the best option for them.

Arm shapers:

Shape wears not only alter the tummy and hips but can also add features to your arms. If you are not able to pay attention to your arms because of the busy schedule and they are not in proper condition then you can use the arm shapers. They provide a more natural look to the arms and shoulders.

How to choose?

When you want to buy a shape wear you should pay attention to some of the things. First decide which part of the body is to be enhanced. Shape wears can be decided according to the dress. So, try it with the dress. It should be comfortable. Do not buy a too tight shape wear.

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