Messy And Black – I’m Not Getting Cranky

Messy And Black  –  I’m Not Getting Cranky

Holidays are almost upon us, which means a lot of  parties and. We’re not talking about simple Friday night. It’s all about our preparation, and simplifying the ‘typical getting ready’ routine (because if you spend less time in front of your mirror – you will have more time drinking cocktails at the party).  Here are four things I usually do to get dressed-up in a hurry (and they work always):

  1. YOU SHOULD FIND “YOUR” DRESS. Every single woman needs at least one fail-safe dress in her wardrobe that she can count on. So now I’m talking about something you can get on after a day at work that makes you feel a star. Tip #1: total black is usually a very good starting point.
  2. MESSY HAIR – DON’T EVEN CARE! Hair dryers and curling irons are very exhausting, so I skip them all together when I’m hurray. So what’s the best alternative? Some texture spray and a dishevelled bun. It takes about three minutes, and keeps your formal looking relaxed and understated, but still pulled-together.  
  1. ACCESSORIES. Nothing takes women’s outfit to the next level like good accessories. You should choose just one or two pieces that add the finishing touches for your total look without overdoing it.
    For this, I strongly advice the Tiffany collection. I really love its strength and simplicity. The pieces are complimentary, but they are never overpowering, and there’s just something interesting about them that makes you feel very special.The gold Tiffany  cuff is at the top of my wishlist this year.
  2. GET SHINY. There’s nothing healthy about a tan, but everyone looks better with some shine. I never remember to apply one the night before party, so I just mix a bit of MAC Instant tan with my moisturiser  pre-party, and then massage it into my arms, legs and also décolletage. Trust me, it will make you look like you’ve been on vacation in Italy (even if the reality is very far from it) and it literally takes three minutes. Done!

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