Some Facts About Wetsuits And How To Purchase The Same?

Some Facts About Wetsuits And How To Purchase The Same?

Thousands of persons are interested in surfing for the sake of fun and enjoyment. They make use of wetsuits that help them to maintain flexibility and surf for hours together. It may be noted that these suits do not keep the body completely dry as few people think. They are meant to keep the body temperature quite warm even when some water may enter the suit. Usually made of neoprene rubber and designed for keeping the body flexible and warm; wetsuits are quite comfortable and are useful for surfing for considerable periods.

Some facts – The following facts may be known by the interested persons that intend to buy and surf with them

  1.     Usually available in black, wetsuits can be purchased in other attractive colors too.
  2.     Few persons like to purchase these suits with zippers while many others may like to zipper free suits.
  3.      Wetsuits are available in all sizes and shapes.
  4.     A thin layer of water exists between the wetsuit and the body of the wearer.

Tips for wetsuit-buying – Following points must be borne in mind when purchasing the wetsuits

  1. Thickness – Focus must be paid on the thickness that is meant for warmth. Neoprene, the synthetic rubber is generally used for making the wetsuits. It is accessible in diverse thicknesses. Wetsuits with more thickness given to the torso are recommended for increasing the body’s core heat. Pieces with less thickness may be recommended for the extremities for increasing range of motion and flexibility.
  2. Construction – Emphasis must be laid on the construction of the wetsuits that require proper stitching. It is helpful in giving comfort, facilitating durability and warmth. Poor stitching of the wetsuits may harm with water that seeps in and harms the human skin. Different types of stitching including flat lock stitching, sealed and sealed & taped are usually used to make these suits. Likewise choosing the wetsuits with full zipper, half zipper or zipper free also depends upon the user.
  3. Quality of material – Those looking for worthy pieces of wet suits must ensure that the quality of the material with which these suits are generally made of. Neoprene is generally used for making them. Nowadays, spandex and Lycra are also combined with neoprene.
  4. Fitting and flexibility – Good fitting of the wetsuit is a must. It should be tight enough for maintaining the warm layer of water between the suit and the body. Flexibility should also be considered before bringing home any wetsuit. This is superior for paddling.
  5.   The level of water coldness in the surfing region must be assessed in spring, winter or fall. This is to assess the wetsuit length and its thickness of the neoprene with which it is made. Use of booties is necessary if the water is too cold. The people going on surfing in these areas may require hood and gloves too.
  6. The number of surfing is also helpful in determining the wetsuit purchases. Many persons like to surf on weekends only. They may require the pieces that cost less as compared to the ones purchased by the regular surfers that surf throughout the year.
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