Tan Your Way To Happiness

Tan Your Way To Happiness

Let’s face it, a good base tan makes us look and feel healthier, and if we all lived in the West Indies, this would be an easy thing to obtain. Yet most of us live in a cold climate country, and the sun doesn’t have his hat on very often. This has brought forward the need for a new solution, tanning spray technology. There has always been the sun bed option but alas, most of us simply don’t have the time to lounge around for hours at a time, on a daily basis. Tan spraying gives you a quick solution at a fraction of the cost of a sun bed course.

Other reasons why tan spraying works,

  • You can select the tan that’s perfect for you
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Quick drying
  • Safe and hygenic

What is spray tanning?

This new method of tanning the skin is revolutionary, the fine mist applied to the skin, contains a chemical,(DHA)that interacts with human skin,turning the pigment a tan colour.It can be applied with an airbrush, or airgun, as they known in the trade.Spray tan machines today, incorporate the latest technology, reducing the power consumption by 30%, and improving the quality of the tan.

Spray salons

A good, spray tan salon will not only have the best equipment, the staff are highly trained in the application process, and offer many attractive packages. This is by far the easiest, most cost efficient way to achieve that deep, golden glow you’ve always wanted.

Having a spray tan

If you have decided to try this, there are some things you should do, to prepare for the appointment,

  • Shave or wax before the scheduled time
  • Expose your skin frequently on the day prior to your tan application
  • Remove deodorant, moisturisers and make up
  • Apply lip balm
  • Apply small amounts of Vaseline to the elbows, knees, ankles and palms
  • Wear a shower hat during the procedure

Tanning can be done at a salon, or someone will visit you at home, and the process can be completed with minimum client inconvenience. Spray tanning works differently on everyone, so you may need to experiment a little, to find the right shade. There are instant tan packages, which can be completed in 15 minutes, or perhaps a deep glow tan, which takes an hour at most. Whether you play at home or away, the spray tan machines are the very best, giving you an even tan, with the minimum of discomfort. The tans are quick drying so you can pick up your busy schedule almost at once.

Bring out the best in you

There’s no doubt about it, having a nice tan makes you look and feel so much better. The increased self-confidence leads to successful outcomes, enhancing the quality of your business and social life. Many people were put off by expensive sun bed treatments, not to mention the skin damage it can cause, so it is refreshing to know that one need not jet off in the winter to obtain a glowing tan. Spray tanning has all the answers at an affordable price.

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