Top 13 Benefits Of Spa Therapy

Top 13 Benefits Of Spa Therapy

We are living in times when once in a while, all of us want to escape into another world, even if only for a few hours. The urgent want to get away, in the urban areas especially, is becoming a rapidly increasing fact. However, going on weekend getaways is not always possible. So, then the best remedy is a spa. To beat the stress, the spa comes across as the ultimate stress buster in which you can indulge in some much needed alone time. It helps you detox, reflect and recharge. The modern-day spa therapies provide a number of health-promoting benefits. Any touch therapy has a healing power on one’s body and mind. Here are the top benefits of a therapeutic massage. Have you tried it out as yet?

  1. A good spa therapy is a much needed break from the monotony of job, family and friends. It helps to de-stress and slow down.
  2. A spa improves your blood circulation, and thus, delivers nutrients and oxygen to the cells.
  3. A spa stimulates your lymphatic system that carries away all of your body’s unwanted products.
  4. The studies and experiments have shown that a spa releases hormones called Serotonin, which enhances the mind and soul’s “feel good” mode. When you go for a spa therapy, your soul, body and mind, all three are in harmony.
  5. Fitness freaks and the professional sportsmen undergo physical pampering but along with that experience pleasure and relief in muscle cramps and tensions via trained spa therapists and relax and rejuvenate each part of their body via deep tissue massages.
  6. A spa can do a lot of wonders to a woman both pre and post natal. In fact, it is compulsory for women to get massage done during that period.
  7. Another benefit of spa is that you can keep your body in shape, fit and beautiful. A body contouring spa service will shed your extra pounds.
  8. A body polis exfoliates the skin and promotes cellular renovation, refines pores and lends the skin a firm uniform relief.
  9. A water treatment nourishes the soul. Just like life, water is yang and yin. You find a true balance when the body is submerged in water. Water provides the perfect equilibrium.
  10. A heat treatment, through either warm moist or dry air, heats the body and stimulates blood circulation, thereby initiating the purifying process.
  11. Therapeutic muds of either serial or rasuls chambers exfoliate your dead skin cells and remove toxins, thus increasing blood circulation.
  12. A body wrap is very beneficial to bring back lost minerals into the body and to replenish the body with lots of important nutrients, thus bringing back moisture to the skin and helping you to relax and rejuvenate.
  13. Apart from the heat treatments, even ice and cold water is applied to the body. It stimulates the lymphatic, immune and circulatory system.

Now that you know the many amazing benefits of the spa, don’t take the stress, beat it. There are lots of spas around, which offer rejuvenating massages. You can try out the day spa in Gurgaon for a relaxing experience.

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