Useful Guide To Pick The Best Party Wear Saree

Useful Guide To Pick The Best Party Wear Saree

Saree gives a traditional and elegant look to a woman. Women are seen wearing saree at the workplace, formal occasions and casual functions such as wedding, auspicious ceremonies etc.  

If you are dressing for a party, then your size needs to be very special. Fancy sarees collection comes in amazing styles, colours, designs and fabric that it becomes very hard to choose the right kind of saree for a person.

Selection of saree involves paying attention to the tiniest detail of it such as the durability of the fabric, colour, art work, current trends, body type, age, type of occasion etc. If you also get confused while deciding about the perfect saree, then check out this article.  You will see some of the useful tips to choose the best saree for any occasion.  

Draping Style

Draping style is significant consideration while purchasing sarees. Your style of draping a saree would give you a sober or a gorgeous look. The saree you wish to buy should suit your draping style.

Woman who love pleat-less style should go for a net or chiffon fabric. For women who prefer to dress in seedha pallu can go with sarees that have heavy art work in the pallu area.


The fabric of your saree should be in the accordance to party season. Choose dense and rich fabrics such as silk and brocade, if you are attending a winter season party, or else go for light fabrics such as net, georgette and chiffon.

If you have a bulky body, then go for georgette and chiffon sarees. Slim ladies look great in cotton and silk fabrics.

Pattern, design and Prints

The design, cut and pattern of the saree carries weightage when it comes to selecting a saree. For formal occasions, go for a monochrome saree that has little embellishment in the form of stones and beads.

For grand occasions such as engagement or wedding party, you can choose gorgeously designed traditional sarees that have large and heavy art work with bold and vibrant colours. Women who have curvy physique would look fabulous in small prints, vertical lines and dark colours.

Border of the Saree

If you are getting dressed up for a party, then go for sarees that have rich and broad borders, especially in zari, patchwork, frills and laces to look marvellous at every occasion. For formal occasions, you should select thin and sleek border.

The colour of the Saree

The right colour of the saree should be selected on the basis of the type and time of the occasion. If the party is going to take place in the day time, then choose a saree with cool colours and pastels shades. If it is an evening party, then go for vibrant and dark shades.

Occasions are the means to express joy, and by wearing your perfect saree, you would increase that joy many folds. So with these helpful tips, I am sure you would be able to select the right kind of party wear sarees for yourself.

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