What Are The Differing Kinds Of Cycling Accessories Out There?

What Are The Differing Kinds Of Cycling Accessories Out There?

The various kinds of cycling equipment certainly varies from one type of cycling to another, but there are a number of key items of cycling accessories that anybody who enjoys pedalling a bicycle should own. One of the most important pieces of cycling equipment is the helmet, and these come in a range from lightweight and vented to inexpensive without vents. In both cases, the helmet should fit snugly and be worn correctly to prevent any injuries should there be an accident. The best helmet is the most vital piece of cycling equipment you can buy, providing you with comfort and safety.

Other decisive articles of cycling equipment generally fall into these three categories: components, accessories, and clothing. You must have seen the special cycling clothes on riders such as men’s cycling jerseys,which are professionally designed to cling close to the body for aerodynamics. These are manufactured from wicking material that makes sure moisture stays away from the skin for comfort and heat control. The shorts are fitted with padding in the crotch area to provide a rider with more comfortable sitting surface while sitting on those narrow and sometimes hard bicycle seats.

Hands and feet and other things

Special cycling gloves are yet another essential piece of cycling clothing that helps to prevent blisters on the hands when riding those longer distances or across rough landscapes. Cycling shoes also come in a range of cool designs. Nowadays they even have special cleats that work together with a particular kind of pedal called the clipless pedal. After the cleat is fitted to the pedal, the rider’s foot is seemingly attached to the bike. This helps in the transfer of power and assists the rider to maintain a more powerful pedal stroke.

Bicycle components are articles of cycling equipment that help the bicycle run smoothly. Parts such as wheels, cranks, handlebars, saddles, and gears all fall into the category of components. Such parts of equipment are replaceable should they happen to break or become worn out, but many of them only work with other specific components. Take the chain for example. A chain will only work with a cassette and derailleur/shifting system that is compatible. A 9-speed chain will only operate on a 9-speed cassette and then only with a 9-speed derailleur and shifter set.

Then there’s more

Accessories can run from water bottles to repair patch kits, from sunglasses, even to cycling computers. Yes, a cycling computer is a compact unit that fits onto the handlebar. A magnet is attached to a front wheel spoke which interacts with a sensor mounted on the fork. This sensor then sends data to the computer, which informs the rider of such things as the current speed, distance ridden, and other important information. Computers have become a relatively inexpensive accessory that can prove to be very useful to the cyclist who is training for racing.

If you knew nothing about modern cycling, who would have thought all of the above actually existed? Cycling certainly has become a very interesting world of its own!

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