What Is Difference Between Ombre & Balayage Hair

What Is Difference Between Ombre & Balayage Hair

If you have ever found yourself in front of the mirror, you would want to at least change your plain and lifeless hair. The good thing is that there are various options you might want to consider to give it a bit of color. The most popular technique that you might want to consider is balayage. The most popular hair styling trend is ombre.

You already have heard about these terms in hair salon. Now, how exactly are ombre and balayage different? Which do you think is the one that suits you? 


With Balayage, it uses different hues that give your hair its natural-looking highlight. Hairstylists will hand-paint the color you want and will create transition from lighter to darker color. The dark pieces will not be left dyed creating that dimensional look. It is the same as getting conventional highlights. The focus is more on attention to detail.

It is best to remember that a good result is difficult to achieve. Therefore, there is a need to choose the right stylist to get it right. When you combine colors perfectly, it will help make a new hairstyle. But if you do not choose for the best color, it will break your new hairstyle.

As compare to Ombre, its goal is to provide your hair with a sun-kissed and natural look. The color options to choose should be in brunette hues and blondes. The best combination of color will complement your face and skin easily. Therefore, you need to choose for the best match of color that does not clash. 


In this hairstyle, it focuses more on the color of your hair that gets lighter as it reaches the bottom part of the locks. Thus, this creates such a bold transition from the top to the bottom. There should also be a transitioned gradient right in the middle.

In ombre dyeing, it may require a bit of bleaching which cannot otherwise be found from balayage. This way, it could achieve its best results. There are a lot of color options that are made available for you. In Instagram, you will find a lot of hairstyles for Ombre along with natural colors like red and blonde. Ombre is usually found in colors such as light green, pink, candy blue and orange. 

Ombre vs Balayage Compared

Ombre and Balayage use transitioning techniques that help create that huge effect on the hair.  The difference exactly lies in the final result. With balayage, it looks just exactly like a natural highlight that complements your brown, black and blonde hair. This does not get much attention from your face and this complements well to your make-up.

Nevertheless, an ombre is quite more obvious and does not look so natural. When it is done perfectly, it just gives you a good impression around. When you want to try this one out, you need to follow the right technique.

Before you sit on a chair, you need to choose the right dye style that complements your budget. If ever you have a thin hair, you could just choose for a balayage look. This will definitely make your hair look thicker and fuller.

Balayage is best with curly hair and naturally wavy hair while the ombre hairstyle is recommended for thicker hair. This is due to the reason that thicker strands could withstand the bleaching than a thin hair. Feel free to visit this link http://theperfecthairstyle.com/ for more information about Ombre and Balayage!

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