Winter 2016 – Top Jacket Colors And Designs

Winter 2016 – Top Jacket Colors And Designs

The cold winter is almost here, making us want to stay indoors or put some warm and cozy outwear and enjoy freezy winter months. This season, our best friend is a jacket. It comes in different shapes, sizes and colours and we have been overwhelmed with the choice and all the big trends that make our head spinning. Actually, we are looking forward to finding new tempting alternatives and cosy up in one of new statement pieces of winter wear that will help us produce a head-turning outfit. From a unique bomber jacket to oversized puffer jackets in various colors, designers have come up with most inspiring ideas and have made us want to invest in another statement winter jacket. Here, a few takes on the trend.

A bomber jacket

One of the fashion toppers this winter season is unquestionably a bomber jacket. This fantastic piece of clothing was originally designed for pilots but has eventually evolved into a fashionable piece of clothing mostly used as a sportswear but also as a part of hip-hop culture. This winter it has been turned into a small artistic masterpiece with the multitude of colors and fantastic animal and geometric prints. Designers incorporated bold colors such as khaki and olive green or monochrome colors such as white and brown in the rest of the outfit giving it a touch of femininity and style thus creating perfect, eye-catching ladies jackets. Also, it’s impossible not to notice the enormous appeal that an oversized bomber jacket has, especially in street style fashion.

A puffer jacket

Puffer jacket has become incredibly popular, particularly in streetwear fashion and we will surely be seeing this fantastic trend throughout upcoming winter. Apart from being a practical winter outwear that keeps us warm during winter, it can also be a chic item of clothing especially if matched with a nice pencil skirt. Stela McCartney presented her collection of attractive oversized puffer coats in golden brown and navy. Mark Jacobs, Alexandar McQueen and DKNY also showcased different versions of it. Many designers succeeded in modernizing this initially purely functional garment, and now there is a variety of brightly colored, waist-defining and seriously stylish puffers that will definitely add spark to your outfit and keep you warm during cold winter months.

A leather Jacket

When it comes to wardrobe staples, another star of 2016 fashion collections is most certainly the leather jacket. It is another piece of clothing that never goes out of style and this season it is available in various sizes and pretty pastel and earthy tones. A biker jacket with sleeker fits and embellished with unusual prints is a top fashion trend this winter. It goes perfectly with both casual and elegant style and is reminiscent of the glamour of the 80’s when leather bike supersized and skin-tight jackets with wide lapels, snaps and zippers reflected the rebellious attitude of the time. This season it is available in various bright and neutral colors to uplift your mood when it’s raining outside.

A patent leather coat

Even though it was created almost a century ago, trench coat is still the most favorable piece of outwear both in street style and high fashion. It’s a timeless, must-have garment that is both functional and stylish and has undergone many changes as fashion designers tend to experiment and upgrade it almost every year. This year it is shiny, in neutral shades and bold red and black hues which add to the sexy and more sophisticated look. This fantastic fashion staple was featured from many well-known designers such as Miu Miu, Valentino and Lanvin. Another thing that makes it even more appealing is the water-resistant fabric that protects us during the rainy season.

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